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Can I apply to train a dog with Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England?
Our dog handlers are drawn from full members of Mountain Rescue teams with a minimum of 1 year operational callout experience.
This is because our graded dogs are worked as part of their local mountain rescue team.
Prospective handlers therefore, in case their dog finds a casualty, need to be fully competent in all aspects of mountain safety, casualty care & their teams rescue procedures while lone working in remote upland areas.

If you are part of a mountain rescue team and wish to become a dog handler, please speak to your team leader and local dog handlers for a recommendation to MRSDE.
If you are not yet a member of a mountain rescue team and wish to join, find your local team at

I have a dog I wish to give to MRSDE. Can you accept it for training?
Sorry, but we are unable to accept dogs offered to us. Please contact your local dog rescue or a national rescue charity such as the Dogs Trust or RSPCA for rehoming options.

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